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All you have to do to have fun in Boston is buy Red Sox tickets online!

Now blogging over at HelloLana.com

I’m now moving shop over to HelloLana.com¬†where I’ll be focusing on how to add creativity to your food (and life!).

You can subscribe to the Hello Lana YouTube channel as well for weekly-ish videos on things like dessert hacks and creative ways to spruce up avocado toast.

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There will also be occasional posts about my life and travels! I’m currently on vacation in Iceland and will post photos of secret waterfalls and smoked puffin appetizers soon.


What it’s like to be on TV with Andrew Zimmern

Here’s a short clip from Bizarre Foods America! If you catch the whole episode, I have the last five minutes of the show.

How did I even end up in this strange position? A producer found my What to Eat in the Golden Shopping Mall Basement and First Floor articles and y’know, I ended up doing 2 days of filming (one day of scouting, another on camera with Andrew).

The segment came out great, but there were so many great one-liners and zingers that didn’t make their way in. Filming with Andrew really made me appreciate how much of a pro this guy is – the ability to confidently stride into any situation, say something intelligent and knowledgeable about the food, and also be funny on demand is pretty incredible to see. (I can do this once in a while, by accident. It’s the consistency that makes him a professional.)

I was worried initially about flopping on camera …

(Right now, I have the funniest image in my head of flopping around on the floor like a fish)

… but as it turned out, there’s a reason Andrew’s the host – it was like having an expert dance partner take the lead. I didn’t really have to do anything other than follow along and stay out of his way.

The camera crew and producers were what really made those two days special. They were the sweetest guys possible, and I really enjoyed getting to chat with them and learn about their work and lives. I’d do it again just to get to hangout with them.

Bizarre Foods America: My Television Debut on the Travel Channel


Tune into the Travel Channel tonight at 9/8 Central for my television debut… I’ll be co-hosting a segment of Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern and eating tendon’n’things in the great food town of Flushing, Queens.

Yeah, that’s us horsing around during the filming.


Khao Sarn Cuisine Photos

As a fun addition to my usual web design business, sometimes I’ll do photographs for clients. For Khao Sarn Cuisine in Brookline, I’ll be redesigning their existing website and including the photos I took today for them — here’s a sampling of the photographs. They were so easy and fun to work with, and my job of photographing (and subsequently eating) a table of delicious Thai food was a pretty sweet gig.

I haven’t taken proper food photographs in a long time, so it feels appropriate to share them on here.

Northern sausage

Northern sausage – tastes of lemongrass and spices!

Ice cream

Ice cream

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Khao Soi closeup

Khao Soi closeup

Khao Soi

Khao Soi

Steamed spicy fish

Steamed spicy fish

Delicious little appetizers

Delicious little appetizers

Like an evil wood nymph


A few months ago, Boston photographer Tony Luong contacted me for a photography project on 1st generation Asian Americans. At the end of the shoot – which was a pretty standard portrait of me standing still in front of a tree – I decided I wanted to do some jumping shots for fun. Tony very kindly obliged. I really liked the results, which look oddly like some kind of lo-fi advertisement.




There are also a lot of requisite awkward/random shots… where I do things like check my cell phone and run around like a fool.


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