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Harvard Square Cafes: the definitive guide

a brownie from Crema (good for camping out to)

Harvard Square is home not only to a lot of foot-fetishizing Japanese tourists and uppity academics, but also an overwhelming number of cafes. For real cafe die-hards, these businesses are much more than a coffee dispenser. (I’m looking at you, the one nursing your $3 latte for 6 hours.) Here’s to admitting that your trapped-on-a-desert-island essentials include your Macbook, a wi-fi connection, and a hard stool you had to elbow through the lunch rush crowd for.

Read my definitive list on where to slum it, where to pretend you’re bohemian, and where to camp out for HOURS on Citysearch.


2 Responses to “Harvard Square Cafes: the definitive guide”

  1. You forgot Hi Rise on Brattle Street. Amazing coffee (Barismo and Ritual) and fantastic food. Cute atmosphere!

    Posted by Sara | January 11, 2010, 1:58 pm

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