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How to pick a date restaurant: advice from food writer MC Slim JB

I thought I would highlight a comment from my fav Boston food writer (for the Phoenix and STUFF) MC Slim JB. I wrote a semi-serious post on how to choose a date restaurant where I warned men not to take me to Bertucci’s. He adds a few good points:

  • My advice on this score includes: don’t pick someplace expensive (looks like you’re trying too hard), do pick a place that makes really good drinks if you plan to imbibe, avoid places that are punishingly loud (conversation is kind of important), and don’t be afraid to ask about food aversions/taboos: nothing will kill your prospects like bringing a vegan to a steakhouse or someone with a seafood allergy to a sushi joint.

If you’re interested in learning some more about the MC, see my interview with him here.

I’d like to add that if your date is a very attractive, but exceptionally dull, self-centered, or dim, try to pick a place with that punishingly loud atmosphere. When he/she opens her mouth, just pretend that something brilliant is coming out and enjoy the view.

Let’s get real: inner beauty is only one of the reasons why people go on dates.


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