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Young and female

Interviewing “real people” is definitely a switch from what I’m used to at the Crimson. First of all, at the Crimson, people expect that you’ll be a youthful, bright eyed college student. But in the real world, I will show up, chat with the father of a restaurant owner, and the interview will end with, “So are you doing this for school?”

I believe he means “high school.” I guess my jeans tucked into ugg boots combination doesn’t really help.

I become kind of an object of curiosity: she says she’s a reporter, but why is she so young? What paper does she write for again?

I get that last question a lot, and I slowly work through their confusion and doubt. It always helps to throw in where I go to school. (Not something I usually like to do, but if it makes me them trust me, I’ll take it.)

It all ends up feeling very paternalistic anyways.


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